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Ecology of Personal Space (ecology the living space)

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When you reflect on the technology of the Bionomics and protection of Personal Space
Synthez microsociology and macrosociology.
Community created for the development of hypotheses, proposals, projects, design ideas and technology, daring fantasies under the theme of - Ecology Personal Space (ECLIOLOGY - ecology the living space).

Brief interpretation of the term "personal space" in the concept ECLIOLOGIY :
Under the Personal Space (further - ecology the living space - ELS), in this case implied, refers to the area in which every human being feels in relative physical, psychological, information, energy security and comfort. In other words, Ekliologiya considering providing independent and most of the equilibrium uniform system of many different ELS, through the creation of technology based on the universal procedures of understanding a language ELS of any quality and properties.

Brief Description:
The project addresses various innovations ECLIOLOGIY, communication technologies, methods and types of conscious interaction, further development of procedures and understanding the language ELS, as its own, and the ELS around. In this case, the goal is to achieve the highest possible equilibrium in the interaction of biological systems of any class, type, level, eventually causing these systems to their most comfortable coexistence.

For whom:
This community is for those who are at least sometimes thought about creating a new approach to this concept as the ELS. To participate in a forum open to all who share the view of the urgent need and legitimate desire - to provide a more harmonious, and thus environmentally friendly atmosphere in every sense and personal spheres of life, including social, psychological and physiological components. By providing the same rights for all neighboring close, not only species homo sapiens, but also representatives of all habitats, flora and fauna, both in general and in particular.

The causes of project :
The emergence of "Ecliology" dictated the imminent need to develop and expand the understanding concerning the ELS of every being, his relationship with his closest associates ELS, regardless of genus, species, family, developmental, intelligence, age, social status and the many characteristics and qualifications holders of ELS. Gradually approaching the possibility of optimal and comfortable coexistence, using the full potential of knowledge and the most advanced system of perception. Just continue to learn and expand these types and how to interact as a verbal and non-verbal language of the people, animals and other creatures on our planet, as equals.

Opportunities and prospects :
Actually achieve this balance in the near future, for a start at least, this can be achieved in part by eliminating destructive thinking of, a number of technologies: including affirmative restraint, expanding the range of existing language concepts, gradually brings the ratio of units of language and thought to their maximum symmetry thus achieving the best adaptation for everyday understanding. In the first phase of planned production rather as a progressive approach to the historical relationship problems, identify new copyright work towards this area of ​​knowledge, the cultivation of optimal social and individual ways and means of communication.

Developing an understanding of the society in the growing need to improve the technology relationship. Using the whole range of human knowledge available in full as can afford today's civilization in their approach to solving problems in the field of concepts such as ecology ELS mutual sovereignty and integrity of the ELS.

Having a real opportunity to bring all aspects of life on earth to the most optimal level of co-existence, corresponding to a decent fellowship as rational and irrational forms of life, it would be unwise not to use already accumulated real potential. Working within the framework of relevant in the most comfortable way of life as wide a range of living beings as equal, given the security and freedom as their own, and each of them, with the inevitable interaction of spaces LP and the immediate environment.

Obviously, today people have a need for this level of consciousness, which means that there is a good chance for a harmonious coexistence conditions of all living beings, regardless of their level of development, including those who do not have a real opportunity to influence it.

".... Plans and actions, emotional and rational motivations of individuals constantly interact better or worse than being combined with each other. This fundamental intertwining of individual human plans and activities can bring to life transformation and education, which are not planned and are not created intentionally or one person. From this weave of this interdependence between people, comes a specific order of a high coercive force and more powerful than the will and the mind of individuals, it is created. precisely this order weave plans and actions determine the course of social development, it is he is at the base of the process of civilization. " (Norbert Elias)

Community Guidelines:
The community does not welcome critical discussion of political views, parties, religions, movements, calls to violate any law, saying racist, inciting ethnic hatred, incitement to violence, and everything else that falls under the Criminal Code, the UDHR and the UN who violate the ELS of anyone else. As unacceptable use community as the site for non-constructive critics of our time, complaints about the shortcomings of which however, skepticism, the manifestations of any form of superiority and become personal. Anything that hinders the development of a creative atmosphere, creative ideas and just ECLIOLOGY in conversation.)

- A tuo lare incipe - "Start from your home"
- The best measure of wisdom is always a good mood. (Montaigne)
- A man should live with yourself and make sure that it was a good company.) (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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